W.D. Gagliani says LOSING TOUCH “is a winner”

W.D. Gagliani, Bram Stoker Award®-nominated author of north woods noir novels WOLF’S TRAP and SAVAGE NIGHTS, has previewed LOSING TOUCH, featuring a foreword by NY Times bestselling author Piers Anthony, and he really enjoyed what he read:

LOSING TOUCH, coming June 25 to Amazon.com.

LOSING TOUCH, coming June 25 to Amazon.com.

Christian A. Larsen’s LOSING TOUCH is a near-perfect blend of the hyperreal and the surreal, turning the microscope on everyman Morgan Dunsmore, an unemployed copywriter and family man who is forced to confront the black hole of his own inadequacy and his inability to provide for wife and sons. Suddenly afflicted with a strange super-power that allows him to phase through solid objects, he may have found the answer to all his problems—or he may have found his own undoing. For Morgan’s journey is an uncomfortable ride through conscience and subconscious, simultaneously humorous and tragic, ultimately offering the chance for a redemption we all hope we might have. Reminiscent of Michael Louis Calvillo’s best work, LOSING TOUCH is a morality tale that flirts with Horror’s “Bizarro” sub-genre without losing either control or its protagonist’s humanity. Larsen’s novel is a winner not because it shocks or goes for the gross-out (even though it touches on subjects we don’t often see), but because it will make you think—and feel—human.

Post Mortem Press will be releasing LOSING TOUCH June 25 via Amazon.com, but there will be several opportunities to acquire a copy before that date. Pick up a copy at Post Mortem Press table during the World Horror Convention June 13-16, and at the Chicago launch event at The Aberdeen Tap from 1-4 on June 23. Read Between the Lynes Bookstore will also be holding a signing event in Woodstock, Illinois on Sunday, June 30th between 11-1, and several other signings are in the works for the summer and fall in Illinois and Wisconsin. Check back often for news about upcoming events.

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