Cover unveiled for SHADOW MASTERS

Coming Monday from Imajin Books, publishers of WHAT FEARS BECOME, the latest anthology from The Horror ZineSHADOW MASTERS, featuring my short story, “The People Eaters”.

Here is a first look at the cover art by Ryan Doan:

Shadow Masters (front)

Fear casts a long shadow, and shadows take many shapes…

From award-winning editor, Jeani Rector, who brought you the terrifying anthology, WHAT FEARS BECOME, comes a wicked brew of spine-tingling fiction. Featuring never before published works from best-selling authors such s Bentley Little, Yvonne Navarro, Scott Nicholson, Melanie Tem, Elizabeth Massie, Earl Hamner, Simon Clark, Cheryl Kaye Tardif, Ronald Malfi, Lisa Morton, Jeff Bennington, JG Faherty and many others, this chilling collection of works also includes a foreword from Joe R. Lansdale.

From classic horror and exciting suspense to Twilight Zone-type speculative fiction with twisted endings, SHADOW MASTERS: An Anthology from The Horror Zine delves into the darkest corners of our nightmares and delivers the shivers.

Shadow Masters (full)

Edited by Jeani Rector and assisted by Dean Wild, SHADOW MASTERS will feature a lineup of all-new, never-before-published stories, with a foreword by Joe R. Lansdale:

Here’s what some of horror’s biggest names are saying about LOSING TOUCH:

  • “Veteran editor Jeani Rector delivers the scares again … and her amazing stable of writers have got all the proof you’ll ever need that the genre remains vital and compelling.”

– Joe McKinney, author of The Savage Dead

  • “Some old favorites in here, like Bentley Little, Christian Larsen, and Elizabeth Massie. I was also blown away by some new discoveries for me, like Yvonne Navarro and Melanie Tem … these people are twisted!”

– Susie Moloney, author of The Thirteen

  • “When you’re stuck in a crypt with only a flashlight and one thing to read, make damn sure it’s your copy of Shadow Masters. Presenting stories from veterans of their craft, Shadow Masters is another winner for Jeani Rector and The Horror Zine.

–  Charles P. Zaglanis, Editor in Chief of White Cat Publications LLC

  • “Chock-full of wonderfully horrific stories from noted authors as well as talented unknowns.”

–  John Russo, co-writer of the original film Night of the Living Dead 

The Horror Zine publishes online editions of the magazine every month, with fiction, poetry, art and essays on and about the horror genre. In addition, there have been four previously published books under The Horror Zine banner: AND NOW THE NIGHTMARE BEGINS (2009), TWICE THE TERROR (2010), WHAT FEARS BECOME (2011), and A FEAST OF FRIGHTS (2012).

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