Ian Welke reviews HORRIFIC HISTORY

Genre writer Ian Welke has read HORRIFIC HISTORY, including my short story, “Skin of Blue and Grey”, and liked what he read. In his review at Amazon.com, Welke writes:

I’ve read enough stories by Christian A. Larsen and A.J. French in other anthologies that when I see their names in the table of contents I know the book will be worth purchasing. Stories by Adam Millard, Jay Wilburn, and Rose Blackthorn were particularly well done, as was Pete Aldin’s story “Mud”. Overall the standouts are worth the cover price on their own, and a number of others are good solid stories.

Here’s a look at the complete table of contents:

HORRIFIC HISTORY is "worth the cover price".

HORRIFIC HISTORY is “worth the cover price”.

HORRIFIC HISTORY, edited by Robert Helmbrecht, is a product of Hazardous Press, which will be releasing my story “One Bottle, No Label” as part of the charity anthology SHIFTERS at the World Horror Convention June 13-16 in New Orleans at the Hotel Monteleone.

I’ll have a number of other anthologies for sale there through different dealers including ZOMBIE JESUS AND OTHER TRUE STORIES (Dark Moon Books), SO IT GOES: A TRIBUTE TO KURT VONNEGUT (Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing), and THE GHOST IS THE MACHINE (Post Mortem Press).

That’s also where my debut novel, LOSING TOUCH, will see first light. I will be signing copies at the Post Mortem Press table, but if you have a copy of HORRIFIC HISTORY or any other book in which my work appears and want me to sign it, who am I to say no?

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