Amazon review singles out “The People Eaters”

More than three weeks after its release, SHADOW MASTERS: AN ANTHOLOGY FROM THE HORROR ZINE, has retained its Top 100 status at and In the latest review, my story, “The People Eaters”, was mentioned among the highlights:

I was completely taken with this book. The stories were so fresh and vivid, each idea unique like “The Wood Witch” [by Jonathan Chapman], “The People Eaters” by [Christian A. Larsen] and my favorite story, “Fearful Symmetry” by Devon Carey. This was my favorite because it was so descriptive, the scenery was beautiful, the characters were engaging, and it was an interesting concept. I could see this as a movie for sure. But as a whole, I loved the book and every story has found a place in my heart and […] on my shelf of horror.

SHADOW MASTERS available at

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Edited by Jeani Rector, SHADOW MASTERS features a foreword by Joe R. Lansdale and never-before-published fiction from some names in horror that you probably know (or ones that you really should):

Visit The Horror Zine every month for new horror fiction, poetry, essays and artwork. And when you’re done reading the latest installment of the e-zine and SHADOW MASTERS (Imajin Books), pick up one of its other critically-acclaimed anthologies: AND NOW THE NIGHTMARE BEGINS (2009), TWICE THE TERROR (2010), WHAT FEARS BECOME (2011), and A FEAST OF FRIGHTS (2012).

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