Hellnotes review of ZIPPERED FLESH 2

K.H. Vaughan, author of “Love and Rockets at the Siege of Peking” in SHANGHAI STEAM, has posted his review of ZIPPERED FLESH 2, which features my story, “The Little Things”. In his review at Hellnotes, Vaughan calls the book from Smart Rhino Publications “a meaty volume.”

ZIPPERED FLESH 2, now available at Amazon.com.

ZIPPERED FLESH 2, now available at Amazon.com.

…At its best, body horror is more than just the shock of the grotesque, a la Tom Six, but tells us about the characters who use the body as a canvas for whatever unique artistic vision or psychopathology drives them. It explores identity and wholeness in ways that other genres do not. How much can your body change before you are a different person altogether? How deeply can you inhabit another’s flesh before you become them. The terrible beauty of body horror is that it doesn’t simply end. When you encounter Jason Voorhees, your suffering is nearly over. The horrors inflicted on the characters of ZIPPERED FLESH 2 can endure for a long and twisted lifetime, which gives them power…

Read the rest of the review here and find what he thinks are the book’s strongest points. And if you haven’t read ZIPPERED FLESH 2, here’s all the stories you’re missing:

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