LOSING TOUCH profiled in Journal & Topics

Denise Fleischer, author of DEADLY RESERVATIONS (ArcheBooks Publishing) and lifestyle editor at the Journal & Topics, has written a feature about LOSING TOUCH (Post Mortem Press) for this week’s edition of the Park Ridge newspaper:
LOSING TOUCH, now available at Amazon.com.

LOSING TOUCH, now available at Amazon.com.

Twenty years after graduating from Maine South High School, Christian Larsen can how hold his first published book.

Larsen, formerly of Park Ridge, has been in the radio broadcasting business a good portion of his life. But there’s always been this deep desire of his to write a novel. It just so happens that his genre of choice is horror. Not your dark kind of guy stalking with a big knife kind, but the lack of control of something in your life type of person.
For Larsen’s protagonist, it’s tangibility, meaning he is losing his ability to be solid, but gaining the ability to walk through walls.
LOSING TOUCH is about a suburban dad who can’t catch a break,” said Larsen, who just returned from selling his novel at Printers Row Lit Fest in Chicago. “It’s pretty normal stuff to start out with: bills, family, stress and the first creeping evidence of middle age. But then he starts to phase through matter, and he thinks he’s losing his mind-or worse, that it’s all real.”
Morgan Dunsmore feels like everything is out of reach – a paying job and a strong marriage. He does everything possible to protect his wife and kids from his anxieties and financial burdens, but that only seems to push them further away.
“He may be able to walk through walls, but that ability comes with a price,” said Larsen. “He has to learn not just how to control it, but how to use it without anyone finding out, not even his family.”
Dunsmore doesn’t want to be a sideshow in the circus or a government test subject. The temptations, on the other hand, are endless.
Larsen, who worked for 15 years on the Steve Cochran Showa central Illinois classic rock station, and a Pleasant Prairie radio station in Wisconsin, taught English and a yearbook class at Grayslake North High School. More than anything, he wanted to become a full-time writer.
“Through all of this, I had been writing and I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I got published and made a career out of it?” explained 38-year-old Larsen.
One of his stories being accepted into WHAT FEARS BECOME anthology (Imajin Books) was the confirmation he sought that he was a writer. Some of the most well-known horror authors made up the 40 contributors.
An added boost of confidence came from Larsen’s friend, Rob Kleiner, a songwriter and music producer living in L.A., who had begun to ride the train of success. Larsen asked him what made it possible for him to do what he loved doing. Kleiner…
Click here to find out where you can pick up a copy of the Park Ridge Journal & Topics to read the rest of the article. Then click here to order a copy of LOSING TOUCH, or here to find out when I’ll be selling signed copies in your area.

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