Explore dark fantasy with DARK LIGHT III

DARK LIGHT 3, including my short story, “Harby’s Last Stand”, is now available at Amazon.com. The Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly anthology explores the darker side of our world, the things no one wants to speak about or admit.

DARK LIGHT III, featuring "Harby's Last Stand" now live at Amazon.com.

DARK LIGHT III, featuring “Harby’s Last Stand” now live at Amazon.com.

Stories included are:

  • “Harby’s Last Stand” by Christian A. Larsen
  • “From Out of the Night” by L.D. Ricard
  • “Possessing Bailey” by Jenna Pizzi
  • “Tossed and Found” by K.E. Robiscoe
  • “Trapdoor” by William Rasmussen
  • “The Hognissaga” by Avalon Brantley
  • “The Squat” by Dene Bebbington
  • “I Come To Teach” by A.A. Garrison
  • “Fallen Angel” by Zoe Adams
  • “The Incident Of Pokrov” by Erica Sim
  • “The Black Womb” by Michael McGlasson
  • “The Devil Within” by Justin Zipprich
  • “Cheating Death” by S.J. McMillan
  • “Inner Storm” by Jay R. Thurston
  • “The Machine” by Linna Drehmel
  • “Dead By Dawn” by KR Jordan
  • “The Hamlet Of Maysouth” by Ryder Ataxia
  • “Switch” by Fred Waiss
  • “Enteric” by W.B. Stickel
  • “Miriah” by Shaun Meeks
  • “Dante’s Circle” by Ericka Kahler
  • “The Monk” by JT Lewis
  • “13” by K.R. Helms
  • “Hob Gob” by Jonathan D. Nichols
  • “Neighbors From Hell” by J.R. Roper
  • “Evander Holbrook” by Greg Quinion
  • “Siren Song” by Anna Yeatts

The stories in this book will make you think, make you shiver, intrigue and entertain you. Please step into our world of the darker side where little light shines through. Are you ready?

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