Read “Harby’s Last Stand” online for free



My short story, “Harby’s Last Stand”, is now available to read in DARK LIGHT III with Amazon’s ‘Look Inside’ feature.

“Harby’s Last Stand” is a story about a Confederate sergeant major who lived far past his time, and the reason … well, the reason isn’t what you think.

Once you’re done reading my contribution (and L.D. Ricard’s–also available for free preview), be sure to download the book for your Kindle for just 99¢.

That’s the introductory sale price. On Friday, July 5th, DARK LIGHT III will be $3.99, which is still a great bargain, considering all the stories you get:

That comes to less than 15¢ a story, even at full price. But if you buy before July 5th, you get all 27 stories for less than 4¢ per. Crazy.

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