Bilof praises SHADOW MASTERS

Author Vincenzo Bilof (NECROPOLIS NOW, NIGHTMARE OF THE DEAD) has written a review of SHADOW MASTERS: AN ANTHOLOGY FROM THE HORROR ZINE, which features my short story, “The People Eaters”:

SHADOW MASTERS available now at

SHADOW MASTERS available now at

Many of today’s writers, and indeed, even the audience, seem to feel an explanation is needed to explain the phenomenon present in any film or book; “open-ended” conclusions are not well-received by the mass audiences. However, the best horror films and books usually don’t provide these explanations; as people, we crave answers to everything and we finally have a horror anthology composed by writers who don’t feel the need to provide any scientific rationale for the concept of terror. It’s an emotion, something abstract that is realized and experienced, and the authors in this collection demonstrate their mastery of fear.

Well-written stories that almost seemed as if all the authors collaborated and decided to take on a unique perspective of fear–I can’t choose a favorite story among them because I kept turning the pages. More often than not, we pick and choose stories to read in an anthology, but not this time. I won’t ever forget “Red Velvet” by Shaun Meeks or “The End of the Trail” by Bentley Little; while “The Flame of Freedom” by A.J. French neatly completes the anthology with a story that seems to almost thematically draw the entire book to a close by coming full circle, I felt as if any story could’ve concluded the book. I can’t remember the last time I actually read a vampire story that was unique and entertaining; this book seems to come right out of the shadows of more classical horror stories that dare to be original.

I paused after each story to digest what I’d experienced, and I wanted to seek out more work by the authors I wasn’t familiar with. It’s been a long time since a horror anthology was released that showcases the talent of writers who understand what fear is.

Purchase your own copy of SHADOW MASTERS here, and when you’re finished, why not leave your own review? Which of the following are your favorites?

SHADOW MASTERS (Imajin Books) is a product of THE HORROR ZINE, a monthly e-zine that publishes new issues the first of every month.

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