Reader reviews for SHADOW MASTERS at Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble readers are weighing in on SHADOW MASTERS, the latest anthology from THE HORROR ZINE featuring a terrifying array of stories from a host of horror masters. But don’t take my word for it, take theirs…

On June 28, “JPete” wrote:

"The People Eaters" a favorite in SHADOW MASTERS.

“The People Eaters” a favorite in SHADOW MASTERS.

This anthology has something for everyone, but for true horror fans, you will not find a single flat note here. 

Some of my favorites would have to be Shaun Meeks’ “Red Velvet”, Bentley Little’s “End of the Trail”, Christian A. Larsen’s “The People Eaters”, Lisa Morton’s “Red Ink”, and Ronald Malfi’s “The Housewarming”.

I would just say they are all my favorites, but these ones in particular stood out.

Some continued to creep on long after I was done with them (thank you for those images Mr. Meeks and Mr. Larsen!). This one is a must!

On June 30, “HELLbeNT” wrote:

I read [Shaun Meeks’s] story in [A FEAST OF FRIGHTS] and this one is even better. Once I finished it, I went out and picked up a bunch of stuff he is in. He is now in my list of top ten favorite writers, as is Christian A. Larsen. I just picked up his first novel, LOSING TOUCH, and hope it is as good as his short fiction. His story in here, “The People Eaters”, is not to be missed.

On June 30, “dog_earred_reader” wrote:

LOSING TOUCH now available at

LOSING TOUCH now available at

Jeani Rector has lined up an amazing array of writers that blow my mind with the sheer talent. […]

I loved the stories by Bentley Little, Lisa Morton, Christopher Nadeau, Ronald Malfi, Simon Clark, Jeani Rector, Christian A. Larsen and so many others.

The book is full of winners and will leave you wanting more.

If you do want more, check out [THE FALL OF NEVER by Ronald Malfi, LOSING TOUCH by Christian A. Larsen, A FEAST OF FRIGHTS ed. by Jeani Rector, AT THE GATES OF MADNESS by Shaun Meeks, and EXORCISING ANGELS by Tim Lebbon and Simon Clark].

Purchase your own copy of SHADOW MASTERS at Barnes & Noble or Amazon, and when you finish the last story and set the book (or your e-reader) in your lap for a few quiet moments, be sure to leave your own review. You’ve got a lot of winners from which to choose favorites:

SHADOW MASTERS (Imajin Books) is a product of THE HORROR ZINE, a monthly e-zine that publishes new issues the first of every month.

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