More Barnes & Noble readers weigh in on SHADOW MASTERS

A week ago, I posted several excerpts on my blog from a few of the reader reviews of SHADOW MASTERS at Well, now there are more, and here’s just a sampling…

On July 13, “SMankey” wrote:

"SMankey" probably meant to say "don't skim."

“SMankey” probably meant to say “don’t skim.”

Other than [“The Thing That Was Not There” by James Marlow, “Red Velvet” by Shaun Meeks, and “The End of the Trail” by Bentley Little], there are a few others you have to read–in case you’re one of those skimming people:

“The Unknown” by Chris Castle, “The Hung Preacher” by Scott Nicholson, “‘Come Down to the Store, Minerva'” by Earl Hamner, “Wet Birds” by Elizabeth Massie, “The People Eaters” by Christian A. Larsen, “The Cellar” by Tim Jeffreys and “Flame of Freedom” by Aaron J. French.

These ones are all amazing in their own way and can’t be missed.

On July 13, “JKLovecraft” wrote:

LOSING TOUCH, now available at

LOSING TOUCH, also now available at

[After buying SHADOW MASTERS to read Bentley Little and Shaun Meeks] I am now a huge fan of Christian A. Larsen, whom I read the work of in a few other anthologies and now just bought his novel, LOSING TOUCH. This guy can write!

There are also great stories by James Marlow, Aaron J. French, Earl Hamner, Yvonne Navarro and a vivid little story by Tim Jeffreys.

All in all this one is an amazing collection that gives you a wide variety of styles and creeps. Go get it now!

Other contributing authors to SHADOW MASTERS include: Garrett Rowlan, Matthew Wilson, Larry GreenRick McQuistonMelanie TemBruce MemblattDevon CareyCarl BarkerMichael Thomas-Knight, Cheryl Kaye Tardif, Dominick Nole, Jonathan Chapman, Ronald MalfiChristopher HivnerLisa MortonJ.M. CozzoliChristopher NadeauJeff BenningtonWilliam RasmussenJ.G. FahertyLance ZarimbaDavid LandrumJeani Rector, and Dean Wild. Maybe you recognize some of those names and maybe some you don’t, but each of their stories alone are worth the cover price.

Edited by Jeani Rector and Dean Wild, SHADOW MASTERS (Imajin Books) is a product of THE HORROR ZINE, a monthly e-zine that publishes new issues the first of every month.

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