A FEAST OF FRIGHTS “is Five Star stuff”

Morgana Phenix reviews A FEAST OF FRIGHTS, which features my short story, “Clawed Sod”, calling the book “a bevy of bountiful stories that beckon to their reader to take a nibble, then a bite, and before long you too will find yourself feasting away!”

A FEAST OF FRIGHTS, available at Amazon.com.

A FEAST OF FRIGHTS, available at Amazon.com.

Sharpen those fangs and get ready for, A FEAST OF FRIGHTS FROM THE HORROR ZINE. Jeani Rector, editor, serves it up nice and juicy in this 473 page delight. Ramsey Campbell whets one’s appetite in his foreword. There is something for everyone’s tastes and desires; 34 succulent and sweet short stories (think ribs dripping in sauce), a side spread of articles and interviews, a plethora of poems written by eight different poets, artwork that will stimulate the senses and Jeani tops the feast off with two of her own stories and one by Dean Wild in, “The Editor’s Corner”. An incredible spread if you are horribly hungry…

Find your copy of A FEAST OF FRIGHTS at Amazon.com. And if you haven’t read the anthology yet yourself, here’s what you’re missing:

You’ll also find poetry, artwork, and essays from some of the biggest names in the horror industry in A FEAST OF FRIGHTS FROM THE HORROR ZINE, now available at Amazon.com.

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