M. Fenn, author of the novella “So the Taino Call It” featured in SUBSTITUTION CIPHER, has written a review of the anthology FORTUNE: LOST AND FOUND:

FORTUNE: LOST AND FOUND, available at Amazon.com.

FORTUNE: LOST AND FOUND, available at Amazon.com.

FORTUNE: LOST AND FOUND is “a horror anthology centered around the theme of greed. Not a bad topic for horror. The twelve authors in this book each approach it in his or her own way, exploring what their characters will do for money, power, voices from the past, or even a good night’s sleep. On the whole, FORTUNE: LOST AND FOUND is a decent read, with most of the stories being well-written and interesting. My favorite, by far, is Brent Michael Kelley’s “A Friend in Paga,” but I also really enjoyed Lizz-Ayn Shaarawi’s “The Rules” and Christian A. Larsen’s “The Plagiarist’s Wireless.” “Down the Pan” by Phil Hickes was also fun.”

Read the complete review at Goodreads.com and see how your tastes compare. If you haven’t read FORTUNE: LOST AND FOUND yet, there’s a wealth of great stories from which to choose your favorites:

Edited by L.S. Murphy and Kate Jonez, FORTUNE: LOST AND FOUND is a publication of Omnium Gatherum, a small press dedicated to providing exceptional dark fantasy and transgressive fiction in print, ebook, and audio formats.

Dark fantasy and transgressive fiction, as defined by chief editor Kate Jonez, combines the best of horror, fantasy, and literary fiction to comment on history, science, society, or the human condition.

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