Barnes & Noble reader review of ZIPPERED FLESH 2

Barnes & Noble reader “RyanRyan” has written a review of ZIPPERED FLESH 2, which features my story, “The Little Things”:

ZIPPERED FLESH 2, now available at

ZIPPERED FLESH 2, now available at

I read ZIPPERED FLESH last year and thought it was a good book. I hesitated a little getting this one because the first just didn’t wow me, but in the end I did. And this time I was wowed…and then some. The book starts off with Bryan Hall‘s “The Modern Adonis” and it is a great start.  I thought I knew where the story was going, but was I ever wrong. Great set up for a great ending.  The next story is Shaun Meeks‘s “Taut” and this is by far the best in the set. The movement of tense, the realism, the squirm factory and the dark ending made this one stick long after I finished reading it, to the point where I had to wait several hours before moving to the next story. And the next one is Lisa Mannetti‘s “The Hunger Artist”. I was glad to hear that this is a shorter version of a novel she is working on because I really wanted more. The next few stories are good in their own ways, not stand outs as the first three, but it’s hard to follow them, I think. After the first three, there are a few other stand outs though. M.L. Roos‘ “After Darque” about a detective that lets his obsessions go to far; Rick Hudson‘s “The Affair of the Jade Dragon” which takes a famous character and gives it a twist that turned my stomach and my head a bit; L.L. Soares‘s “Seeds” which falls into my list of top five stories in here. This one is a little sci-fi and horror that marry well together; and also Christian A. Larsen‘s “The Little Things” which is a quiet but very effective story.

All in all, ZIPPERED FLESH 2 never leaves a sour taste in your mouth.  Every story is satisfying and horrific in their own way. Even the most casual horror fan will find something to sink their teeth into here. Highly recommend it. 

ZIPPERED FLESH 2, published by Smart Rhino Publications, is now available in trade paperback and eBook formats at and Barnes & Noble.

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