Looking forward to ConTamination DEFCON 5

I might as well just admit it–I like attending events like ConTamination DEFCON 4 almost as much as I like the writing itself. Over the weekend, I got to meet lots of fantastic people, some new readers, and of course, got to hang with the Post Mortem Press folks while signing copies of my novel, LOSING TOUCH.

C. Bryan Brown, Eric Beebe, and me, representin'.

C. Bryan Brown, Eric Beebe, and me, representin’. We all have beards.

After hustling LOSING TOUCH and C. Bryan Brown’s NECROMANCER Friday night, I had dinner at Helen Fitzgerald’s with my publisher, Eric Beebe on the suggestion of L.S. Murphy. Had a pastrami sandwich and a black & tan, and heard some Bon Jovi disco-fied by an overzealous DJ. Food was great.

The music? Not so much, but hey, I dig me some Kiss, and with Ace Frehley at the expo, it was almost like a mini Kiss Konvention, full of delightfully tacky Kiss Krap and “killer” celebs like Camille Keaton, Tom Towles, and John Dugan.

The whole thing makes me kind of wistful, because now I don’t have any events planned for a couple of months. In the meantime, enjoy Ace Frehley and Kiss doing “Shock Me”:

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