LOSING TOUCH “delivers”

Shaun Meeks, author of AT THE GATES OF MADNESS, has written a review of my debut novel, LOSING TOUCH:

LOSING TOUCH, now available at Amazon.com.

LOSING TOUCH, now available at Amazon.com.

I have been a pretty big fan of Christian A. Larsen since I started to read some of his short fiction about a year and a half ago. So when I found out that he was releasing a novel, I was pretty stoked. I was even more excited when I read the description and found that it was about someone that pretty much gets superpowers. So the comic and horror nerd in me was revved up for this one.

The story itself is very well played; well thought out characters, great tension and some great scenarios. There were times when I was reading LOSING TOUCH that I wanted to scream at the page like my friends scream at movies, saying “What are you doing? Stop it! That’s a terrible idea!”, which is saying a lot. Any book that can pull that type of reaction from me has done the job it is supposed to do. Getting an emotional response from the reader, whether it be from frustration at a characters act, sadness, joy or terror, is the key to any great story and this one delivers.

The comic book nerd in me also enjoyed the more Marvel Comics-like character and situations. He has a power that so many would love to have, yet life is far from perfect. He has money issues, relationship issues and seems to have a hard time making good choices. I also found myself wondering what I would do with the same talent and that made the direction the story takes that much better.

Now Mr. Larsen could have gone the easy road and made it just a simple comic book hero origin story with a dash of horror, but he doesn’t. There is more to it than that. There are real problems he is faced with; his gift sometimes comes off as a curse, and failure is a common thread in his life. And in the end, as you think it is going to go a certain way, you are given an ending you might not be expecting, or at least I wasn’t.

My only complaint about the entire book is that it ended, which isn’t really a complaint at all, but still, I didn’t want to leave these characters. I highly recommend this book and I’m pretty sure you will walk away as happy as I did.

LOSING TOUCH, featuring a foreword by Piers Anthony, is now available in Kindle and paperback at Amazon.com.

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