A FEAST OF FRIGHTS “is packed with some amazing writers”

Barnes & Noble reader “RyanRyan”, who reviewed SHADOW MASTERS at the beginning of August, has posted a review of the anthology’s predecessor, A FEAST OF FRIGHTS, which features my short story, “Clawed Sod”:

A FEAST OF FRIGHTS, available at Amazon.com.

A FEAST OF FRIGHTS, available at Amazon.com.

I guess I’m doing things a little backwards here. I read The Horror Zine’s newest anthology, SHADOW MASTERS and loved it so much I decided to grab this one and read it, too.  So glad I did.

Reading the intro by Ramsey Campbell got me really excited.

I was even more jazzed when I saw one of the stories was “Incident On and Off a Mountain Road” by Joe R. Lansdale which just happens to be one of my favorite MASTERS OF HORROR episodes…

What else was good about it?

The book is packed with some amazing writers.  It starts off with a bang, both Matt Leyshon and Simon Clark deliver some creep factor.  Then comes Shaun Meeks with his story, “The Soldier”, which was creepy and gory and one of the top five best in here.  After that you have another master, Graham Masterton (yes, the guy that wrote THE MANITOU!) with his amazing story. And the anthology just keeps going from there. Eric J. Guignard, Joe McKinney, Christian A. Larsen, Scott Nicholson, Ed Gorman and Susan Moloney deliver huge hits here. Another one that stands out has to be the one by Tom Piccirilli, “Husks and Formless Ruins”. This one is a great introduction to a great writer.

And when you are done with all these amazing writers of prose, there is still art, poems and articles to keep you busy. This is a great book that is so packed with entertainment, it is a steal!

But don’t take “RyanRyan’s” word for it, grab a copy of A FEAST OF FRIGHTS and find out for yourself–maybe pick out a few favorites of your own and post a review:

A FEAST OF FRIGHTS (The Horror Zine Books) is a product of THE HORROR ZINE, a monthly e-zine that publishes new issues the first of every month.

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