Ohio man a modern-day Lazarus

Go to bed one night, wake up five days later having returned from the dead. That’s a helluva nap, and that’s just what happened to an Ohio man, who on August 5, as far as I can tell, became the first documented zombie since Clairvius Narcisse.

Tony Yahle, 37, was dead for 45 minutes.

Tony Yahle, 37, was dead for 45 minutes.

News outlets across the Buckeye state, including WHIO-TV, say Tony Yahle, 37, coded for a full 45 minutes, was declared dead, and then came back to life as the nurses were preparing the body for family viewing.


Apparently, when the doctors told Yahle’s 17-year-old son Lawrence that his father was dead, he burst into the room and said: “Dad, you’re not going to die today.” And boom, Tony, the man who had been dead for 45 minutes, came back to life.

Well, he was in a coma for five days after his heart started beating again, but hey, I’ll take it without complaint if it ever happens to me.

Yahle says that he doesn’t remember any of it–that there was no “follow the light” moment:

But Yahle’s home now, and by all accounts, he’s doing fine–at least for having been dead for 45 minutes.

If I were him, though, I’d make sure I steered clear of pufferfish and cane toads for a while.

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