BLEED is packed with “fantastic reads”

Matt Molgaard’s HORROR NOVEL REVIEWS has published Paula Limbaugh’s five-star review of BLEED: A BOOK OF HOPE, featuring my story, “The Funeral Portrait”:

BLEED, coming soon from PMMP Publishing.

BLEED, coming soon from PMMP Publishing.

Horror, what is it? What defines it?

Is it the things that go bump in the night, the ghosts that go BOO? Or, is it that deep down psychological fear of what’s to come. For some maybe horror is the deep dreaded realization that you can no longer pay your bills, afford your lifestyle. Others face the horror of a child missing, a loved one murdered.

There are so many ways one can define horror, but one definition of horror that I think we can agree on is CANCER. Hearing the words “It’s cancer” strikes deep in the soul, automatically you think DEATH!

Read the rest of the review here. While the official order hasn’t been published, here are a list of the pieces and their contributors:

Short Stories



  • “Leukemia is Fookin’ Stoopid” by Anna DeVine
  • “Where the Wild Welo Waits” by John Hawkhead
  • “Impossible is Nothing” by Jack Ivey
  • “Bumper Car Bandit” by David Pointer
  • “Wounded Star” by David Pointer

Click here to buy BLEED: AN ANTHOLOGY OF HOPE. Sales benefit The National Children’s Cancer Society.

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