Jay Wilburn’s TIME EATERS now available

TIME EATERS by Jay Wilburn, with a foreword by ... me.

TIME EATERS by Jay Wilburn, with a foreword by … me.

Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing has released Jay Wilburn’s new novel, TIME EATERS, in paperback, Kindle, and Nook formats, and I am honored to have contributed my own humble foreword.

And don’t you just groove on the cover art by Matthew Revert? It’s got an optical illusion thing working there plus the piped lettering reminds me of 70s sci-fi … and I love 70s sci-fi.

Wilburn, who previously wrote the zombie novel LOOSE ENDS, delivers with TIME EATERS something even more chilling and sinister than armies of the undead clawing at the door:

Following his father’s suicide, Al and his best friend, Nick, devote their lives to building a time machine. When future versions of themselves begin popping up, they find it safe in concluding they’ve succeeded. However, when an endless army of time-traveling cannibals make an entrance, all the Al’s and Nick’s of the myriad of timelines in the universe must do everything they can to reverse the apocalypse they may have accidentally started.

From my introduction:

With a prose somewhat reminiscent of Chuck Palahniuk and Stephen King, and yet told in a voice uniquely his own, Wilburn re-creates a twisted, broken version of things as seen and experienced by Albert Camp, brick by brick, word by word, trapping the reader, like Albert, inside a reality reboot where you are no longer necessarily yourself and the incest of timelines converging, folding over, and zig-zagging can, quite literally, turn you into your own worst enemy.

Buy TIME EATERS today, and please leave a review. Just be sure to not hold the foreword against the story’s author.

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