CHIRAL MAD is “a vastly superior collection of smart, stylish modern horror”

Richard Wright, author of CRAVEN PLACE, THY FEARFUL SYMMETRY, and CUCKOO has written a review of CHIRAL MAD, which features my short story, “Mirror Moments”:

CHIRAL MAD, now available at

CHIRAL MAD, now available at

A lot of charity anthologies aren’t very good. There, I’ve said it. A lot aren’t bad either, but it’s rare to find one that’s actually a superior book in its own right. CHIRAL MAD is raising money to support Downs Syndrome charities, and while that’s very worthy, I don’t recommend that you buy the book for that reason. Instead, I recommend it as that rarest of things – a vastly superior collection of smart, stylish modern horror. You should buy and read it, because it’s a phenomenally good book. That’s all the reason you need. These stories show just how intelligent and relevant the horror genre can be when it frees itself from shock, gore, and an obligation to actually scare you. These are stories that look at your life and the world you live in, peel back the edges, and say something about what’s underneath. Like the best of science fiction, these are stories that comment on the world.

They’re fun too, and constantly surprising. My own highlights start with Meghan Arcuri‘s witty and disturbing ‘Inevitable’, which takes an entertaining body swap scenario and uses it to poke at what identity is. Gary McMahon delivers ‘Some Pictures In An Album’, in which photographs are examined for forgotten truths and tell a disturbing story full of blanks that you as the reader have to complete as you see fit. Gary A. Braunbeck gives snapshots of a different life that is rotting at the centre in ‘Need’. There are many more I loved. Amidst the twenty-seven tales here there were perhaps five that didn’t work for me at all, draping vast quantities of style over too little substance, but that’s a a staggeringly good hit rate. It’s a real pleasure finding the genre I love (but often get frustrated with, due to lack of ambition from so many practitioners) presented with such relevance and skill.

Read this.

If you haven’t already, here are the stories you’re missing in CHIRAL MAD:

Published by Written Backwards, CHIRAL MAD is a charity anthology that has raised thousands of dollars for the Down Syndrome Information Alliance.

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