WHAT FEARS BECOMES entertains “deepest fears hidden in the corners of the psyche”

Canadian book reviewer Betty Gelean wrote a review of WHAT FEARS BECOME for her review site a couple of years ago, but I just discovered it today:

WHAT FEARS BECOME, now available at Amazon.com.

WHAT FEARS BECOME, now available at Amazon.com.

What a variety of short stories! All of them within the horror or paranormal genres, every story completely different. This great collection comes from some newer authors, and several well-known authors. Jeani Rector has collected from among the best of the contributions of stories, poems and artwork from The Horror Zine. Some are just plain scary, some are psychological, some feature ghosts, monsters, werewolves, vampires, all the favourite demons of our nightmares and stories to be told around a campfire or at Hallowe’en. An anthology to bring shivers and have us listening to bumps in the night. Some even come with a bit of humour… ghoulish humour.

Reviewing an anthology is always somewhat difficult. Do I review them individually? Group them? Authors have contributed over 30 short stories, 18 poets contributing one or more poems each and 9 artists contributing. I think I will just say that this book will entertain the deepest fears hidden in the corners of the psyche. Great tales to tweak the imagination, make us feel something is watching, digging into our souls, acquainting us all with WHAT FEARS BECOME. Is your heart pounding and your spine tingling yet?

This was the first anthology in which my work had ever been published, and looking at the table of contents, you can probably guess how excited I was when I got this acceptance:

The Horror Zine followed up WHAT FEARS BECOME with A FEAST OF FRIGHTS in 2012 and this year’s SHADOW MASTERS (Imajin Books).

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