Shock Totem reviews CHIRAL MAD

John Boden reviewed CHIRAL MAD at Shock Totem back in June, and I realize now that I’ve never posted it on my website.

CHIRAL MAD, now available at

CHIRAL MAD, now available at

“Chirality” is, by definition, an object or system that does not match up to its mirror image. Hands are a common example of this. And we all know “mad” to mean insane or mentally ill. The two words that title this brilliant anthology basically tell you that these tales of varying madness and insanities will not be like anything you’ve read before. More than a title, it is a promise and one that is delivered upon.

The twenty-eight stories that make up CHIRAL MAD are all quite good. I will not go into all of them but will touch on my favorites…

Read the rest of the review here. And if you haven’t read CHIRAL MAD yet, pick up a copy at and enjoy the following stories:

Published by Written Backwards, CHIRAL MAD is a charity anthology that has raised thousands of dollars for the Down Syndrome Information Alliance.

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