BLEED features “tales of fantastic horror”

Amazon reader Scott Pratt has posted a review of BLEED: A BOOK OF HOPE, which features my short story, “The Funeral Portrait”:

BLEED, now available at

BLEED, now available at

When I was given the opportunity to read BLEED, I knew that the handpicked talent within would tell me tales of fantastic horror. I am happy to say that I was not disappointed. What I did not expect was to read a heartfelt essay by Lori Michelle, telling us one of the most horrific tales possible, a real life horror experience. I will not lie, the raw and intimate truth that was shared brought tears to my eyes, as well as an inventory of my blessing that my children are healthy. I knew that BLEED’S proceeds would benefit children with cancer, and I knew that each story would hold some sort of representation of the horrific disease, what I did not know was that the book would have such a profound affect on me while reading. The opening essay by Lori Michelle set the stage perfectly for what was to come, and I found myself searching each story for the cancerous evils within. With each story I read, I found myself thinking of my own children, and how devastating it would be to find out that they might have some form of cancer. Those thoughts made this book scarier than I could ever imagine.

BLEED is not your normal, run-of-the-mill horror anthology, instead it is a dose of hard-hitting reality disguised as a horror anthology. I strongly recommend this book to any horror fan, it will not only scare you, but also give a sense of satisfaction knowing that your money will also help benefit a child stricken with cancer.

With stories from authors like Bentley Little, Joe McKinney, William F. Nolan, Rick Hautala, Mort Castle, Gene O’Neill, Tim Waggoner, James Dorr, and Benjamin Kane Ethridge, you know you’re in for a helluva read. Here’s the complete table of contents:

Proceeds from the sale of BLEED: A BOOK OF HOPE will be donated to the National Children’s Cancer Society.

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