The stories in BLEED are “personal and evocative” reader J. Worthen has posted a review of BLEED: A BOOK OF HOPE, which features my short story, “The Funeral Portrait”:

BLEED, now available at

BLEED, now available at

Reading BLEED left me terrified and moved more than I should admit. The book is a collection of short stories and poems collected to fight children’s cancer. It is a book of horror. And hope.

The tome begins with “True Horror”, an essay by Lori Michelle, describing what she went through when her son was diagnosed with cancer. It is a moving essay and if it were all there were in the book, I’d have thought my money well spent. But BLEED is filled with words by some the best new and rising stars in horror fiction, all lending their pens to this noble and honorable cause.

I won’t lie. I cried often while reading these stories. Not the usual effect of a horror anthology, I’ll grant you, but with each contribution I found the themes of childhood threatened resonating like weeping thunder in my father’s heart.

The styles are varied, the voices clear and strong, the stories personal and evocative. Even if it was not for such a good cause, I’d give this anthology the highest rating I could – such is the collection. Knowing it is a weapon in the war on children’s cancer, I wish only I could give it more stars.

This is the perfect anthology autumn evenings – great stories for a great cause. Buy it, give it, keep it by your bed.

Echoing Max Booth III, I too hope this anthology punches cancer right in the balls.

Each of the contributing writers lines up to take their best shot with the following essays and stories:

But no matter the quality of the story, we need you to buy and read this book to take a chunk out of childhood cancer. Proceeds from the sale of BLEED: A BOOK OF HOPE will be donated to the National Children’s Cancer Society.

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