First public reading of LOSING TOUCH selections

LOSING TOUCH, now available at

LOSING TOUCH, now available at

The Tamale Hut Café has officially announced my LOSING TOUCH reading event on their reading series blog. Of course, I’ll be signing copies of my book, but even if you already have a copy, you can enjoy a delicious meal hear me stumble through my own prose. (I am promising myself I will practice beforehand.)

If you can find Brookfield Zoo (what proud Chicagoan can’t–Tropic World Africa rules!), you can find the Tamale Hut Café. Just take 1st Avenue to Cermak. The Tamale Hut Café is about 300 yards east of 1st on the south side of Cermak. says the Tamale Hut Café’s tamales “are made fresh daily, stuffed with hunks of pork or chicken, and double-wrapped in thick cornhusks to retain their heat and flavor. Vegetarians may choose between the bean or cheese varieties, and sweet tamales with bits of coconut and pineapple make a great dessert.”

Hellnotes‘ Michael Collings says of LOSING TOUCH that “Larsen has done an admirable job in reversing the Superhero motif, revealing the pitfalls and the potential dangers when a normal, average man find himself able to do unusual, extraordinary things but lacks any kind of instructional handbook or moral guidelines in making decisions. He handles the transitions from comic to tragic well, making Morgan’s systematic fall and final restoration a single, smooth, polished narrative.”

So, tamales + signed copies of LOSING TOUCH + the first public reading + you = awesome times. Don’t screw up my equation.

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