Dirty dozen added to MISERIA’S CHORALE ToC

MISERIA'S CHORALE, coming soon from Forgotten Tomb Press.

MISERIA’S CHORALE, coming from Forgotten Tomb Press.

Forgotten Tomb Press has added a dozen more short stories to its upcoming anthology, MISERIA’S CHORALE

Edited by David Nell, the anthology will feature my story, “Becoming the Beast” alongside the work of its newest contributors: Anna Taborska, Ken Goldman, Caren Gussoff, Carmen Tudor, Christina Murphy, Peter Mark May, Cameron Suey, Carl Barker, Glen Damien Campbell, Aurelio Rico Lopez III, Alana I Capria, and Pete Aldin.

If you don’t know these writers yet, I’m sure you will love them. I’ve read stories from some of them already, and I am very impressed. I’m also looking forward to the thrill of discovery with the contributors that are new to me.

Here is a complete look at the current table of contents:

Forgotten Tomb Press will release the anthology soon in eBook and paperback formats via Amazon.com, CreateSpace.com, Smashwords.com, and other selected outlets.

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