It’s almost “go time” for MISERIA’S CHORALE

MISERIA'S CHORALE, coming soon from Forgotten Tomb Press.

MISERIA’S CHORALE, coming from Forgotten Tomb Press.

David Nell, editor of MISERIA’S CHORALE, says he’s putting the finishing touches on the Forgotten Tomb Press anthology, which features my short story, “Becoming the Beast”.

K. Trap Jones (THE SINNER) and Bear Weiter (“The Little Things” as Jacob Ruby) have been added to the table of contents. Nell is “waiting on one particular writer, then it’s go time.”

MISERIA’S CHORALE will feature dark, atmospheric literary fiction that shows a proficiency in language and tone–fiction designed to terrify you and challenge the boundaries of horror.

In a tweet earlier this week, Nell wrote that MISERIA’S CHORALE was “nearly done” and he “really can’t wait to release this baby.”

Small wonder why, with the talent he’s been assembling since May. Here’s a complete look at the current table of contents (the Jones and Weiter titles have not yet been announced or placed):

Forgotten Tomb Press will release the anthology soon in eBook and paperback formats via,,, and other selected outlets.

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