Arcuri’s and Ingold’s titles in MISERIA’S CHORALE announced

MISERIA'S CHORALE, coming soon from Forgotten Tomb Press.

Coming soon from Forgotten Tomb Press.

Forgotten Tomb Press has revealed the titles of its latest (and possibly last) additions to the table of contents for MISERIA’S CHORALE

Meghan Arcuri, who wrote “Inevitable” in CHIRAL MAD, is contributing the short story “Choosing my Confession”.

Jon Ingold’s “Cracks”, which previously appeared in BLACK STATIC #28, will also be gracing the anthology. “Cracks” will make you think twice about those chigger bites on your arms.

Ingold has also written a number of plays, short stories, and novels, such as FLAWS and JAZZ IN 3/4 TIME.

Here is the current table of contents (Ingold’s and Arcuri’s titles have yet to be added):

Forgotten Tomb Press will release the anthology soon in eBook and paperback formats via,,, and other selected outlets.


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