MISERIA’S CHORALE nearing completion

MISERIA'S CHORALE, coming soon from Forgotten Tomb Press.

Coming soon…

Bruce Memblatt’s story, “Destruction: A Plague Story” has been accepted for MISERIA’S CHORALE, which will also feature my short story, “Becoming the Beast”.

Memblatt is the author of the short story collection, THE DARK JAR, and his work as appeared in such HORROR ZINE anthologies as TWICE THE TERROR, WHAT FEARS BECOME, and SHADOW MASTERS.

MISERIA’S CHORALE will also feature stories from the following writing award-winners and finalists: Peter Crowther, Lucy Taylor, Todd Keisling, Anna Taborska, K. Trap Jones, Christopher David Rosales, Christina Murphy, B.T. Joy, and James S. Dorr.

Here is a look at the table of contents:

The following titles have been accepted, but not yet placed in the table of contents:

Forgotten Tomb Press will release the anthology soon in eBook and paperback formats via Amazon.com, CreateSpace.com, Smashwords.com, and other selected outlets.

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