SHADOW MASTERS, now available at

Read SHADOW MASTERS, now available from

Mario Guslandi has written a review for HORROR WORLD of the anthology  SHADOW MASTERS: AN ANTHOLOGY FROM THE HORROR ZINE‘, which features my story, “The People Eaters”.

HORROR WORLD features reviews of the latest horror book releases and original fiction by some of the genres biggest names, and offers a place to connect with dark fiction’s best known authors via personal message boards.

In his write-up, Guslandi spotlights the work of contributors such as Bentley Little, Garrett Rowlan, Earl Hamner, Elizabeth Massie, Tim Jeffreys, William C. Rasmussen, Cheryl Kaye Tardif, Jonathan Chapman, John T. Biggs, and J.G. Faherty.

Read the complete review here. And if you haven’t read SHADOW MASTERS yet, you’re missing the following terrifying tales (as well as a foreword by Joe R. Lansdale):

SHADOW MASTERS (Imajin Books) is a product of THE HORROR ZINE, a monthly e-zine that publishes new issues the first of every month.

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