Join tonight’s virtual reading event for MISERIA’S CHORALE

MISERIA'S CHORALE, coming soon from Forgotten Tomb Press.

MISERIA’S CHORALE, coming this month from Forgotten Tomb Press.

If you can’t make my free LOSING TOUCH reading event tonight at Powell’s Bookstore University Village in Chicago, consider attending Todd Keisling’s virtual event for MISERIA’S CHORALE, an upcoming anthology which will feature my short story, “Becoming the Beast”.

Keisling will be reading his contribution, “When Karen Met Her Mountain”, beginning at 8:00 CST. He’ll do a brief intro, talk a little bit about the story’s origins, plug the new anthology, and then get on with the reading. If you are a Google+ member, consider joining the hangout, and if being on camera isn’t your thing, you can stream the broadcast via Youtube.

He will post links about ten minutes before the broadcast goes live, so watch this space for updates.

Here is a look at the finalized table of contents for MISERIA’S CHORALE:

Forgotten Tomb Press will release the anthology this month in eBook and paperback formats via,,, and other selected outlets.

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