OF DEVILS & DEVIANTS to feature “She Never Says No”

Coming April 1st from Crowded Quarantine Publications.

Coming April 2014 from Crowded Quarantine Publications.

Crowded Quarantine Publications has accepted my short story, “She Never Says No” for its upcoming erotic horror anthology, OF DEVILS & DEVIANTS, edited by Adam and Zoë-Ray Millard.

What will I be getting myself into with this book, you ask? Think the likes of David Cronenberg and Lars Von Trier; of Clive Barker and H.R. Geiger.

It will be more than a literary anthology filled with beautiful prose and originality. OF DEVILS & DEVIANTS will deliver some of the darkest, creepiest stories you’ve ever read, with a foreword (as well as a story) by Bram Stoker Award®-winning author Lucy Taylor.

OF DEVILS & DEVIANTS will feature tales of the flesh from the following authors exploring the lengths that people will go for gratification:

Each of the above stories will be accompanied by an illustration from the amazingly talented Chris Taggart when OF DEVILS & DEVIANTS is released this April in ebook and hardcover formats. 

2 Responses to “OF DEVILS & DEVIANTS to feature “She Never Says No””

  1. Great post. Thanks for putting links to all the authors’ sites.

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