BLEED is a “powerful anthology”

Heather Landry has written a review for The Horror Zine of BLEED: A BOOK OF HOPE, featuring my short story, “The Funeral Portrait”, which Landry says demonstrates “the extraordinary adaptability and resilience of children in the midst of horror”:

BLEED: A BOOK OF HOPE, now available at

BLEED: A BOOK OF HOPE, now available at

Recently I had the pleasure of reading BLEED, an anthology created to raise money for the National Children’s Cancer Society. Most of this anthology is horror, but there are also notable science fiction and fantasy pieces as well as nonfiction essays. Many, but not all, of these stories involve cancer either explicitly or tangentially. The resulting diversity of themes and genres from a total of 41 different authors creates a rich and varied reading experience.

BLEED hits the ground running with “True Horror”, a real-life account of the anthology editor’s experiences with her son’s battle with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Reading through he essay with my 18-month-old boy playing in the tub next to me, I had to pause twice because crying was preventing me from seeing the words properly. Certainly, it drove home the purpose of this book immediately and on a very visceral level…

Read the entire review here. And if you haven’t read BLEED yet, you’re missing the following terrifying tales (as well as “True Horror”, Lori Michelle’s essay referenced in the excerpt above.):

So, pick up a copy of BLEED because it’s a great cause, but enjoy it for the stories, each guaranteed to creep under your skin.

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