Buy BLEED, fight cancer, get free stories

Support the National Children's Cancer Society with BLEED.

Support the National Children’s Cancer Society with BLEED.

The clock is ticking on Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing’s Black Friday sale.

Buy the paperback edition of BLEED: A BOOK OF HOPE on the publisher’s library page, and you’ll get a one-year subscription to their One-Night Stands stories–free!

That’s a short story every month for one year (value: $10).

That’s a free story, once a month, from authors like: Jacob Haddon, W.P. Johnson, Jessica McHugh, Tim Waggoner, and Mark C. Scioneaux as a reward for supporting The National Children’s Cancer Society.

Yep, buy BLEED, and you’re doing a real solid, not to mention getting the following fine stories, poems, and essays:

Don’t snooze on this one. You can always get BLEED later, but once Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing’s Black Friday sale is over, you’ll have to buy that subscription to the One-Night Stands stories, and why should you buy a dozen terrifying tales when you can get them for free?

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