Jay Wilburn: “The action and story will pay out for any reader that picks up LOSING TOUCH”

Jay Wilburn (TIME EATERS, LOOSE ENDS) interviewed me for VOMIT METAL BLAH, a  blog “spewing out music x film x book reviews”. I talk about LOSING TOUCH, the publishing biz, cool writers I’ve met, and other important topics:

Now shipping from Amazon.com.

Now shipping from Amazon.com.

Christian A. Larsen is the author of LOSING TOUCH and many of the best short stories I’ve ever read. I read enough to where that shit should be mildly impressive to you all. The fancy word for a superhero story written as a novel or short story is a meta human story. I’m not sure if LOSING TOUCH is really a superhero story, but I’ll ask Larsen in just a moment.

What I do know about the novel is that it is great. Larsen captured my attention and made me care about the characters right from the first pages. Morgan, the main character, fights the real battles of family, work, and failure. He even attempts a one night stand that shows with great powers and with great dong come great responsibility. It’s important to the story, I swear.

Larsen does a good job of showing us Morgan’s struggle to decide how to use his powers or curse to try to cheat around the other disappointments and short comings in his life. It is an origin story, a story of good versus evil within one man, and an exploration of everyone’s inner battles.

The action and story will pay out for any reader that picks up LOSING TOUCH.

Let’s have words with the man himself and see what’s what…

Read the interview here. And be sure to keep up with Jay Wilburn’s whereabouts by clicking here. You don’t want that guy sneaking up on you.

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