I’m the bad penny in this equation

The new year is twelve days old, but I guess I’m still in that year-in-review mode. After my interview for VOMIT METAL BLAH, I started thinking about writers that keep turning up in the same places I do.

Or our stories, anyway.

I’m not really sure what my larger point is here, but these are the writers, and if you haven’t already, you should check out their work, past, present, and future, because there’s a ton of talent on this list:

  1. Michael Bailey (editor of the anthology CHIRAL MAD 2)
  2. Rose Blackthorn (author of “Black Bird” appearing in THE BEST OF THE HORROR SOCIETY 2013)
  3. James S. Dorr (author of the collection THE TEARS OF ISIS)
  4. T. Fox Dunham (author of the novel THE STREET MARTYR)
  5. Aaron J. French (author of “The Order” appearing in DREAMING IN DARKNESS)
  6. A.A. Garrison (author of the collection THE LONG SHORT STORY)
  7. Eric J. Guignard (editor of the anthology AFTER DEATH…)
  8. Tim Jeffreys (author of “King of a Distant Star” appearing in MISERIA’S CHORALE)
  9. Elizabeth Massie (author of the novel DESPER HOLLOW)
  10. Joe McKinney (author of the novel THE SAVAGE DEAD)
  11. Shaun Meeks (co-author of the collection BROTHER’S ILK)
  12. Bruce Memblatt (author of “Nameless” appearing in STRANGER THAN LIFE: A POST MORTEM)
  13. Adam Millard (author of “The Incongruous Mr. Marwick” appearing in FRESH FEAR)
  14. Christopher Nadeau (author of the novel KAIJU)
  15. Scott Nicholson (author of the novel MCFALL)
  16. Gene O’Neill (author of the collection DANCE OF THE BLUE LADY)
  17. Jeani Rector (editor of the anthology SHADOW MASTERS)
  18. L.L. Soares (author of “Seeds” appearing in ZIPPERED FLESH 2)
  19. Jay Wilburn (author of the novel TIME EATERS)
  20. Dean H. Wild (author of “Foundlings” appearing in SHADOW MASTERS)

So … that’s pretty much it. Pick a short story, collection, or novel from the list above, and enjoy. Then let people know you enjoyed it.

That is all.

4 Responses to “I’m the bad penny in this equation”

  1. Thanks for the nod! And great to be featured in some of the same anthos as you, Chris. Uritgud!

  2. Gene O'Neill Says:

    Chris: Appreciate the tip of the hat, hope we keeping seeing out names collected together.

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