LOSING TOUCH coming to the Ernest Hemingway Foundation

Kindle and paperback now available at Amazon.

Kindle and paperback now available at Amazon.

In cooperation with CURBSIDE SPLENDOR, 826CHI, and the Oak Park Library, the Ernest Hemingway Foundation in Oak Park will be hosting the Pop-Up Book Fair on April 12 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and I’ll be there signing copies of LOSING TOUCH.

The event will be held at Ernest Hemingway’s birthplace and museum at 200 N. Oak Park Avenue in suburban Chicagoland, rather than the house in which he lived during his Key West days. But remember, the event is April 12, so the weather should be much nicer, at least.

Bring the kids! 826CHI, a nonprofit writing and tutoring center, is setting up programming designed specifically to educate and entertain the shorties, but even if they’re not so short, they’ll still get something out of it. 826CHI helps kids ages 6 to 18 with their writing, creative and otherwise.

After the book fair, join us at the Oak Park Public Library (834 Lake St.) for the 21+ after party. Refreshments, a cash bar, and hobnobbing are all on the agenda, but probably not in that order. If you ever wanted to imbibe at a public library–here’s your chance!

And did I mention that attendance is free? But be ready to spend a few bucks on a new book or two as my fellow authors and I descend on Hemingway’s house in the city of wide lawns and narrow minds on Saturday, April 12.

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