LOSING TOUCH is “weird and wonderful”

In his 2013 year-in-review published earlier this month at The Fright Site, Adam Groves listed LOSING TOUCH as one of the highlights of the previous year:

Kindle and paperback now available at Amazon.

Kindle and paperback now available at Amazon.

Now for a fun one: LOSING TOUCH by CHRISTIAN A. LARSEN (Post Mortem Press). It’s about Morgan, a man who finds himself “gifted” with a superpower of sorts: he can move his flesh through solid objects. The resulting series of misadventures are presented in suitably gritty fashion, showing the effects of this unique ability on (for instance) Morgan’s bowel movements. 

Ultimately, however, Morgan’s abilities serve to shine an unflattering light on the bleakness and inadequacy of his life, which is presented in a startlingly realistic fashion that belays–or perhaps enhances–the outré premise. The result is a weird and wonderful account with definite real-world resonance.

Other books on Groves’ “really good stuff” list includes THE RAPIST by Les Edgerton, NOS4A2 by Joe Hill, and THE STRANGE TALE OF PANORAMA ISLAND by Suehiro Maruo. Click here for the full write up.

And hey, if you’ve read LOSING TOUCH and haven’t written a review somewhere where other people can read it … then I guess that begs the question: “why not?”

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