BLEED features “truly gripping material”

Haunt of Horrors has published a review by William Tooker of BLEED (Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing), a charity anthology that features my short story, “The Funeral Portrait”:

Support the National Children's Cancer Society with BLEED.

Support the National Children’s Cancer Society with BLEED.

Topping the list of things that terrify parents is anything that might even hint at threatening their child or even a child. But the new anthology BLEED by Perpetual Motion Press dives right in with sending children off to fight a war against a demonic pestilence in a short story by Tracie McBride called “With Paper Armour and Wooden Sword”. Editor of BLEED, Lori Michelle, has done an outstanding job of sifting through her submissions and finding some truly gripping material. Lindsey Beth Goddard manages to grab your attention in her story “The Gift” by opening on a casual conversation while someone is cleaning a harpoon. Maybe that’s me, but when you just sort of toss harpoon cleaning in as an “oh by the way” I have to know why. I’ll leave you to find the answer on your own. Max Booth III leads us into another level of domestic despair in a short offering called “The Nightly Disease”. There are no monsters beyond the ones we look in the eyes every day. It is an all too real exploration of common human dysfunction…

Read the rest of the review at Haunt of Horrors, and support the The National Children’s Cancer Society by picking up a paperbackKindle, or Nook edition of BLEED, featuring the following stories, poems, and essays:

Haunt of Horrors is a review and news site run by fans, for fans, with a special emphasis on comic books, and Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing is the publisher of SO IT GOES: A TRIBUTE TO KURT VONNEGUT, as well as the 2013 Bram Stoker Award®-nominated collection, THE TEARS OF ISIS, by James S. Dorr.

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