LOSING TOUCH “is as real a portrait of a superhero’s origin story as you’re likely to get”

Amazon reader “whiskey finder” (from Camp Crystal Lake, naturally) has written a nice, five-star review of my debut novel, LOSING TOUCH, which features a foreword by Piers Anthony:

Now available in paperback and eBook formats.

Now available in paperback and eBook formats.

If I had to spit out an elevator pitch for this book, it’d be this: it’s a superhero origin story if Philip K. Dick and Richard Matheson had crafted one. It’s equal parts science fiction, urban fantasy, and social commentary, as concerned with the moral implications of superpower as it is with the whiz-bang abilities the power confers.

The plot centers on Morgan Dunsmore, a modern day everyman. Unemployed, buried by debt, and teetering on the edge of total despair, he is slogging through another disappointing season by his beloved Chicago Bears. But then he has a revelation (which, like so many great revelations, comes to him while sitting on the toilet): he can phase in and out of the solid state of matter. In short, Morgan finds that he has the ability to walk through walls. Rather than this ability bringing on a quick answer to his predicament, it just presents another set of problems. Like, he can’t go through walls fully clothed. And he can’t seem to keep his food and drink from leaking right out. Even sex becomes a complicated mess. And that’s before Morgan can even master his abilities enough to give into the myriad temptations they bring.

It seems that being a hero requires more than just having a superpower, and that sometimes holding onto what is most precious in life—love and family–is a task on par with saving the world.

Christian A. Larsen’s novel, LOSING TOUCH, is as real a portrait of a superhero’s origin story as you’re likely to get. It’s an absorbing book, one that is sometimes full of pathos and sometimes full of humor, but is always entertaining. And it’s a great deal more interesting than the exploits of some smiling fascist in tight pants crusading for justice. This is a good one.

Pick up a copy of LOSING TOUCH (Post Mortem Press) in your choice of paperback, Kindle, or Nook, and be sure to leave your own review. Authors gobble that stuff up like carp do spit.

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