LOSING TOUCH wins DRAWA® for first novel

drawaThe first annual Written Backwards Awards®, known colloquially as the DRAWA (“award” spelled backwards) have been, ahem, awarded for 2013 … and LOSING TOUCH has won for superior achievement in a first novel.

The 2013 DRAWAs were read, recommended, short-listed and nominated by a judge, jury, and executioner of one: Written Backwards founder Michael Bailey, editor of CHIRAL MAD, CHIRAL MAD 2, and the upcoming QUALIA NOUS.

Bailey, who’s short story, “Primal Tongue” (ZIPPERED FLESH 2) earned him a 2013 Bram Stoker Award® nomination, has chosen the following winners (and categories):

In addition to the kudos listed above, Bailey has also given out DRAWAs® for presence, inspiration, and voice to writers whose body of works have contributed mightily to the writing (and reading) community in the categories listed below:

A complete set of rules (read: rationale) and explanations can be found by visiting the Written Backwards website. You might not agree with them, but you have to admit … the rules are pretty airtight.

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