Five titles added to QUALIA NOUS

"Cataldo's Copy" to feature in QUALIA NOUS.

“Cataldo’s Copy” to feature in QUALIA NOUS.

Richard Thomas has announced that his story, “The Jenny Store”, will be a part of the upcoming science-fiction anthology from Written Backwards, QUALIA NOUS, along with other recent inclusions from Gene O’Neill, Emily Cataneo, and Marge Simon.

Thomas, author of the novel TRANSUBSTANTIATE, edited the THE NEW BLACK, a neo-noir anthology featuring short horror, crime, fantasy, science fiction, magical realism, and grotesque stories.

O’Neill, who’s novella THE BLUE HERON won a Bram Stoker Award in June for superior achievement in long fiction, contributes “The Shaking Man” to the table of contents. Editor Michael Bailey says of O’Neill: “This guy never disappoints”, so get ready for it.

Boston-area journalist Emily Cataneo‘s “The Rondelium Girl of Rue Marseilles” has also been accepted for publication in QUALIA NOUS. Given her history, it could be about “winter, bones, female friendships, the Victorian occult or super-anxious characters.”

And finally, Marge Simon, co-author of the poetry collection DANGEROUS DREAMS, who has one multiple awards for her poetry, has written “Shutdown” and “Tomorrow’s Femme” for QUALIA NOUS, which will also feature my short story, “Cataldo’s Copy”.

Here is the working table of contents:

Michael Bailey, who is helming the project, says he “will be opening Pandora’s box in the next few weeks with upcoming announcements. This book is going to rock psy/phi!”

Christian A. Larsen is the author of LOSING TOUCH, featuring a foreword by New York Times bestselling author Piers Anthony, now available in paperback and ebook formats from Post Mortem Press.


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