Dee Snider, Malört, and Werebabies

Just got back to the hotel room after the first evening at Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas, and seldom have I had so good a time talking LOSING TOUCH to readers and walking the room.

Our table is right across the aisle from Dee Snider of Twisted Sister, who wrote a damn fine independent horror film called STRANGELAND, so if you were to ask Snider what he wants to do with his life, the answer might be “rock … and write independent horror movies.” If we’re being honest, isn’t that everybody’s answer?

Pouring Malört at the Post Mortem Press table.

Pouring Malört at the Post Mortem Press table.

Magen Cubed with the werebaby.

Magen Cubed with the were baby (note: not her baby).

I also got a chance to hang with my Post Mortem Press buddies, Eric Beebe and his wife, Stephanie, C. Bryan Brown (NECROMANCER) and his wife, Michelle, Magen Cubed (FLESHTRAP), Max Booth III (TOXICITY) and his wife, Lori, Brad Carter (SATURDAY NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD), Billie Sue Mosiman (THE GREY MATTER) and, the infamous Andrew Nienaber, author of STZ, which he’s promoting by giving away prophylactics, so you can pretty well guess what S-T-Z stands for.

We do it all again tomorrow at the Hyatt Regency DFW Airport from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., by which time the malört will probably be gone. But I bet the werebaby will make another appearance, and can I just say that I’ve never been more glad that I have never and will never have to breastfeed?

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