“Crank up the AC” before you read OF DEVILS AND DEVIANTS

Amazon reader Frank R. Errington has written a four-star review of OF DEVILS AND DEVIANTS, an erotic horror anthology from Crowded Quarantine which features my short story, “She Never Says No”:

Now available in hardcover and paperback.

Now available in hardcover and paperback.

OF DEVILS AND DEVIANTS is one of those rare anthologies where every story manages to fully embody the overall theme of the work. The result is an erotic romp through nearly every deviant behavior imaginable.

Sex-bots, cannibalism, necrophilia. No taboo is off-limits, even sex with conjoined twins. While it’s true that some stories were superior to others, there really were no bad stories. Oh, wait, of course there were bad stories, what I mean is some were just better than others.

Among my favorites were, “Our Love,” by Claude Lalumière, delightful story of a couple who would keep their love in a box for safe keeping, God forbid they should lose their love. “The Middle Leg,” by Ralph Robert Moore, a twisted tale of sexual encounters with a conjoined twin who really doesn’t get along with her sister. And then there’s “The Mummy’s Curves,” by Ken MacGregor, a story about an archeologist with a very unusual fetish.

Although, OF DEVILS AND DEVIANTS won’t appeal to everyone, if you enjoy erotica with a touch of horror, you really ought to give this anthology a try. Some of the stories are dark, some are violent, many are sexual, and all of them are deviant.

A nice bonus to the stories within are the beautiful illustrations Chris Taggart provided for every story in the anthology…

Click here to read the whole review, and if you haven’t read OF DEVILS AND DEVIANTS yet, get ready for a whole lot of NSFW fun:

Edited by Adam Millard and Zoë-Ray Millard, the anthology features a foreword by Bram Stoker Award®-winning author Lucy Taylor. Pick it up in Kindle, paperback, or hardcover today.

Christian A. Larsen is the author of LOSING TOUCH, featuring a foreword by New York Times bestselling author Piers Anthony, now available in paperback and ebook formats from Post Mortem Press.

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