LOSING TOUCH is a Post Mortem Press bestseller

The first quarter of 2014 was kind to LOSING TOUCH. I’ve just been informed by Post Mortem Press that it ranked #2 in digital novel sales for the period ending in March, and THE GHOST IS THE MACHINE, which features my short story, “The Talent’s in the Bones” ranked #1 in digital anthologies.

LOSING TOUCH won the 2013 Preditors & Editors™ award for best horror novel and features a foreword by New York Times bestselling author Piers Anthony:

Now available in paperback, Kindle, and Nook formats.

Now available in paperback, Kindle, and Nook formats.

Morgan Dunsmore feels like everything is out of reach – a paying job, a healthy marriage, and even a good bowel movement. Complicated by his wife’s recent back surgery, Morgan tries to protect his wife and kids from his anxieties, not to mention their financial burdens, but that just pushes them away even further.

And in the middle of it all, he starts to lose his tangibility.

He may be able to walk through walls, but that ability comes with a price. He has to learn not just how to control it, but how to use it without anyone finding out, not even his family. He doesn’t want to become a circus freak or government test subject while providing for his wife and kids, but there doesn’t seem to be any honest work for a man who can secretly phase through solid matter. The temptations, on the other hand–the temptations are endless, and when he succumbs to the first, the rest begin to fall like dominoes…

Here’s what my horror colleagues are saying about LOSING TOUCH:

  • LOSING TOUCH, Christian A. Larsen’s debut novel, wasn’t quite what I was expecting. Regardless, I was quickly caught up in the storyline and clear writing, and taken to an ending I didn’t see coming but thoroughly enjoyed…”

– Rose Blackthorn, Shock Totem

  • “Who hasn’t fantasized, if only for a moment, about being a superhero? Being able to fly, to crush steel, to turn invisible, to pass through walls? On the other hand, how many have wondered what it might be like to become a superhero, to realize suddenly that things are happening over which you have no control, which you don’t understand (and at first don’t particularly want), and which are leading you away from your essential humanity? Ah, that’s a different story…one told by Christian A. Larsen in an insightful, intriguing, and ultimately entertaining and uplifting novel, LOSING TOUCH…”

– Michael R. Collings, Hellnotes

  • “It’s about Morgan, a man who finds himself ‘gifted’ with a superpower of sorts: he can move his flesh through solid objects. The resulting series of misadventures are presented in suitably gritty fashion, showing the effects of this unique ability on (for instance) Morgan’s bowel movements. Ultimately, however, Morgan’s abilities serve to shine an unflattering light on the bleakness and inadequacy of his life, which is presented in a startlingly realistic fashion that belays–or perhaps enhances–the outré premise. The result is a weird and wonderful account with definite real-world resonance.”

– Adam Groves, The Fright Site

  • “Not wanting to give too much away, I highly recommend that you pick up a copy of this book and find out for yourself where this all leads to. An easy read that leaves you wanting more…”

– Paula Limbaugh, Horror Novel Reviews

Available now in paperback and eBook formats, LOSING TOUCH joins the works of Tim Waggoner and Billie Sue Mosiman on the Post Mortem Press frontlist.

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