What’s my current manuscript about? Find out with Five by Five…

J. David Anderson, author of A TRAIL IN BLOOD, tagged me in the “Five by Five” writing meme, in which a writer posts five thoughts about their own work-in-progress (WIP) and tags five other writers.

After finishing LOSING TOUCH, I tapped out a novel-length manuscript called THE AFTERWALKERS, which is in the spit and polish phase. It’s about a transient amnesiac who survives by stealing his victims’ life forces. But that’s not really a work-in-progress.

And so … on with the show:

  1. My current manuscript is tentatively titled LAKE WASHEGAMA, and is about a man who moves his family into his dead uncle’s country cottage, only to discover that (gasp) things aren’t what they seem!
  2. The idea came to me the morning of New Year’s Eve, when the title HIVE MIND came to mind. Unfortunately, I already have a published short story by that title, a fact which I only just remembered in the last month or so, necessitating a new title.
  3. It started out more as a monster story, but I found that it became just as much about the main character’s relationship with his uncle, as relayed in flashbacks and memories.
  4. The main character is an ex-radio jock, which I intended to make more of the story at the beginning, because it’s how I earned my living for fifteen years, but that part of the story never really took off. I’m not sure if it will stay in the final draft.
  5. I’m about 85% done with the first draft, which means I’m about 15% away from not knowing what to do with this thing.

So that’s it–five thoughts about my current work-in-progress. But this meme isn’t called “Five”, it’s “Five by Five”, so I’m tagging Taylor Grant, T. Fox Dunham, Rob Smales, Dawn Napier, and Shaun Meeks to make it right … only, that makes it six (them plus me), which means I’m in violation of meme law and subject to punishment by a tribunal of cats.

I can only pray my sentence is swift, Judge Grumpy Cat.

I can only pray my sentence is swift, Judge Grumpy Cat.


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