Bundschuh, Cockburn, Michelle take three spots in QUALIA NOUS

Bram Stoker Award® finalist Michael Bailey has announced three more inclusions in QUALIA NOUS, the upcoming sci-fi/horror anthology from Written Backwards: “Breathe You In Me” by Mason Ian Bundschuh, “Peppermint Tea in Electronic Limbo” by D.J. Cockburn, and “Shades of Naught” by Lori Michelle.

Michelle is the author of the DUAL HARVEST and editor of BLEED, a charity horror anthology benefiting the National Children’s Cancer Society. She is also the co-publisher and managing editor of DARK MOON DIGEST and DARK ECLIPSE, and the co-owner, chief financial officer, and graphic design specialist for Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing.

Cockburn is a London-area writer who has lived, worked, and taught in such far-flung locales as Asia and Africa, and is the is the author of the short story collection, STEEL IN THE MORNING.

Bundschuh is the author of the digital novella PIERCING THE VEIL about a grad student who takes a research position at a high-tech lab working to prove an “impossible theory” when fellow students begin disappearing, leading the main character to suspect that his co-workers may not be all that they seem.

Bailey says that the final two contributors may be selected by the end of the week, at which point he will announce the final table of contents, but for now, here’s the working order of the stories already chosen:

The table of contents is almost complete.

The table of contents is almost complete.

In addition to the above stories, QUALIA NOUS will also feature two poems from Marge Simon: “Shutdown” & “Tomorrow’s Femme”, and with two more contributors on the way, that order is bound to change a little, but now we have a clearer idea of what QUALIA NOUS will look like.

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