One of the great voices in horror, now silenced

2-time Bram Stoker Award® nominee Lawrence Santoro.

Two-time Bram Stoker Award® nominee Lawrence Santoro.

Time is a funny thing. You figure you’ll always have more of it until you don’t, like it’s static except in retrospect. But it’s moving all the time, and that brings change. We meet new people, and others are taken from us.

After meeting him last fall at Brendan Detzner‘s Bad Grammar Theater, I always thought I would have the opportunity to get to know Lawrence Santoro better, but he died over the weekend, and even though our lives just grazed each other, my world is an emptier place today.

He read from his episodic contemporary fantasy novel, JUST NORTH OF NOWHERE, and while I can pick up the copy he signed for me that night and read it whenever I want, hearing him read it was a special treat. It was prose, but the way he read it, it was lyrical. Musical.

For me, it was one of the absolute highlights of the evening, and it really should come as no surprise, given his background as a director, producer and actor in theater and television. He was also the host of the Tales to Terrify podcast.

He was such a genuinely friendly person, I can honestly say that his talent was only eclipsed by his grace. If you never met Santoro, I suggest you do so though his work, through which he will live on as long as people read (or listen to) his stories.

Lawrence Santoro, you will be missed.

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