A sneak peek: seven lines from THE BLACKENING OF FLESH

Now available from Post Mortem Press.

Now available from Post Mortem Press.

Fellow writer Brian Dobbins, author of JASMINE’S TALE, WITCH’S CARTEL, and CORRYVILLE, has tagged me in the “7-7-7 Challenge” in which the tagged author posts lines seven through fourteen of page seven in his or her current work in progress.

If you’re not cheating, these lines taken out of context might not do anything for you, so there’s a little bit of risk, putting yourself out there. Which is part of the fun.

My current work is a novel, tentatively titled THE BLACKENING OF FLESH. It’s about a teenager who finds out that a crew of mobsters were brutally murdered in his basement fifty-four years earlier, and the fallout from those murders are still echoing in the house.

But hey, why tell you when my seven-line blurb practically sets it up all by itself?

“Yeah, there were a whole bunch of gangs in Chicago back then, not just the Outfit. O’Banions, Gennas, O’Donnells—it was like the Wild West except with tommy guns instead of six guns,” said Monica. “The Cerutti Gang was one of them. And one day, they were just erased. I’m pretty sure they were gunned down in a barn on Hollander when it was all farmland. Gunned down, and buried in the cornfield, but real deep so no one would find them.”

“How do you know this?”

“I told you, I wrote a paper.

So there you go–the premise in a nutshell. And that’s all you get, for now, unless some enterprising horror author decides to start the “6-6-6 Challenge”–then you might get a little blurb from the previous page. Oh hell, here it is, anyway:

But it was a big route, almost too much for him to handle, and even though it was early June, when the summer days were lengthening their stride like night and winter were the stuff of fiction, Jeremy was still riding to his last stop while the cicadas were rolling in the gloaming, like a boxer begging for a swing from the moon. He knocked the kickstand down on the front walk in front of the porch and he clamored up the steps, rolling the top of the bag in the knuckles of one hand, and ringing the doorbell with the other. 

He sniffed.

The door squeaked and he stiffened.

There was a girl there, a year or two younger than him, or maybe two or three older.

So now it’s time to tag my fellow writers, who are, of course, under no obligation to participate: Max Booth III, Richard Thomas, Andrew Nienaber, Michael Matula, Shaun MeeksChris Verstraete, and Michael Bailey. Have at it, gang. Or not. Whatever is cool…

Christian A. Larsen is the author of LOSING TOUCH, featuring a foreword by New York Times bestselling author Piers Anthony, now available in paperback and ebook formats from Post Mortem Press.

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